Focus on Applications, Not on Operations
Why You Should Adopt Platform as a Service 

As you assess the value of the cloud and cloud services to your business strategy, consider this: The most obvious benefits, such as efficiency, agility, and cost savings, are just the most immediate advantages. A closer look reveals that the cloud also empowers accelerated innovation, a better customer experience, superior customer engagement, and more—capabilities that will amplify the value of the cloud even further.

This paper examines the opportunities and business value of a key on-ramp to the cloud: Platform as a Service (PaaS). It describes how PaaS can transform business strategies today, and how the evolution of PaaS will open new doors for forward- looking businesses tomorrow.  Some topics covered include:

  • What is PaaS?
  • Why Manage Infrastructure? 
  • How Can PaaS Transform Your Business? 
  • Innovate, Deploy, Iterate 
  • Rekindle IT Innovation 
  • Cloud Evolution: Expect Big Things 



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